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11 reasons why agents choose to show Panorama listings

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There are many reasons why agents choose to take their clients to Panorama first. We’ve put together a list below of the ones collaborators tell us most.


    • Immediate payment.

We always pay, and we always pay immediately. Where possible collaborating agents receive their check at the same time we do: at the notary.

    • Crystal-clear client registration process.

We make sure you’re absolutely comfortable that your client is fully protected not just with us, but also with the owners of the properties that you show them through Panorama.

    • Complete transparency.

If we have dealt with a client before but have not had very recent contact, we will still accept a client registration for that client with another agency, and use our prior experience with the client to help close a sale with our collaborator.

    • Complete documentation.

All our listings are properly documented, even in the case of company sales, and most have substantial extra documentation that is always useful in closing a sale.

    • Large inventory you won’t find anywhere else.

We are not on any type of MLS system. If you don’t call us you are missing showing your clients some of the best properties on the coast! We have over 800 direct listings of over 400.000 Euros in the greater Marbella area.

    • Strong owner relationships.

Panorama has its own dedicated listings department and is Marbella’s longest established real estate agency. This means strong relationships with owners, a critical factor in negotiation and our high closing rate.

    • Thorough communication, in writing.

We do not leave any stone unturned in our communication and negotiation, and we do it all in writing.

    • Availability for viewings.

Our sales coordinator, Alfonso Muñoz, can help facilitate last minute viewings as Panorama has the largest sales staff of any Marbella real estate agency.

    • We know our product.

If you are interested in showing one particular property, our sales coordinator will always direct you to the Panorama agents that really know the property best.

    • Regulated by RICS.

Panorama is one of just a small, select group of agencies approved and regulated by the prestigious international real estate association, RICS. This is a significant added guarantee to anyone who in any way does business with Panorama.

    • Bellevue “Best Property Agent” 2015-2018.

Through an independent panel, Panorama has earned Bellevue’s sought-after seal of quality for 2018, 2017, 2016 and 2015.


Alex Clover - Executive Director & Member of the Board pof Directors

Alex Clover

Assistant Managing Director &
Investments Consultant

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Alex Clover - Executive Director & Member of the Board pof Directors

Alex Clover

Assistant Managing Director &
Investments Consultant
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