Mayor Ángeles Muñoz introduces the latest edition of Panorama's "The Marbella Property Magazine", vol. 10 - Panorama
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Mayor Ángeles Muñoz introduces the latest edition of Panorama’s “The Marbella Property Magazine”, vol. 10

Panorama is pleased to enclose below,  the Mayor of Marbella’s introduction to the latest edition of the Marbella Property Magazine®, vol. 10.
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Christopher Clover, FRICS

Header Ayuntamiento smallFoto Saluda Angeles Muñoz small“As Mayor of Marbella, it is a pleasure for me to address the readers of “The Marbella Property Magazine”, published by Panorama, our city’s longest established real estate agency.

I would like to publicly congratulate the Clover family, a family in the real estate business since 1904 in the United States, opening an agency in 1970 in Marbella with the name of Panorama, a name now locally synonymous with quality real estate service. All my thanks go out to people such as Christopher Clover and his children Alex and Katinka, who, together with many others, have over the decades, promoted our city’s image and its countless qualities through consistently working in a manner that both highlights and preserves Marbella’s prestige.

I would like to let you know that one of our top priorities after regaining the local government has been to optimise the procedures of the Town Council’s urbanistic department. During the past two years, building permits and first occupation certificates have suffered from unacceptable delays. In order to revert this situation, we have completely reorganized the department, to speed up the paperwork as much as possible, and we are working on reducing these times even further.

With respect to the new General Plan of Marbella, we are in the process of selecting the team of architects who will be in charge of its drafting and execution. In the meantime, the Town Council is taking all the necessary legal steps to adapt, as much as is possible, the 1986 General Plan currently in force to the reality of the urbanistic situation today in Marbella.

Marbella is one of the most important resorts of distinction and quality for both tourists and residents alike on the entire Mediterranean. My team’s overall goals today are to provide the best public services possible, with a strong emphasis on city cleanliness and security, along with substantial investments in the improvement of our city’s infrastructure, as well as the continuous promotion of the brand “Marbella” around the world as being representative of a truly unique, high-quality destination with the best climate in Europe.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to send my warmest regards to all the people who already know our city, whether they be residents or tourists, and also to extend a sincere and cordial invitation to anyone thinking of coming to visit Marbella. I can guarantee that they will not be disappointed.

Thank you very much.”
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