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New York Times, April 2009 - An interesting article giving a brief outline of the current real estate market in Marbella, Costa del Sol, including an idea of the types of properties that are maintaining their value and of approximate percentage reductions already applied to asking prices. For a more detailed analysis of the current real estate market in Marbella read our Marbella Property Market…
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With input from Christopher Clover, in this recent article, Joanna Styles, © 2009, takes a look at the state of the property market, both in Marbella and Spain, and sees where it’s heading this year. Download "What Went Up Is Coming down" article as appeared in Inside Spain magazine.
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The luxury property market, both worldwide and in Marbella, has also been affected by the crisis as described in the 2009 edition of the Wealth Report, the third such collaboration between Knight Frank and Citi Private bank. This means that there are new opportunities for those interested in investment and for the super-rich, whose appetite for property remains undimmed. Read the press release about 2009…
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Could the global economic downturn mean that those who before only dreamt about having a vacation home may see their dreams come true? Read this interesting article published in Newsweek on 12 January 2008 about the opportunities that can arise even in times of crisis. A nice note of optimism amidst all the doom and gloom!! ... and also applicable to Marbella.
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For almost four decades, Panorama's owner and Managing Director, Christopher Clover has written extensively well studied and well documented articles about every aspect of Marbella Real Estate.  In his Marbella Property Market Report for 2009, he analyses some of the history preceding the present crisis, the different market sectors and those which are holding out best, approximate percentage price reductions by sector, sellers' sentiments, buyers' sentiments,…
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You are all no doubt aware that we are in a very difficult market situation, now even in quality and more expensive properties. The negative press, unfortunately, does nothing but worsen the situation, with its tendency to lump all properties of all types in all areas of Spain in the same basket and magnify doom and gloom. The credit crunch makes a bad scenario worse…
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