Celebrating 40 years

Bienvenue à Panorama

Je suis fier de diriger l´agence immobilière la plus ancienne de Marbella. Notre philosophie est simple: offrir à nos clients le meilleur service qu´ils puissent obtenir dans n´importe quelle agence immobilière dans le monde. Nous mettons en contact acheteurs et vendeurs depuis 1970.

Je suis ravi de partager avec vous quelques commentaires que nos clients ont aimablement laissés. Veuillez cliquer sur ce lien.

Christopher Clover, Directeur Général

Au sujet de Panorama

Panorama specialises in the sale of luxury properties in the Marbella area and has done for over 40 years. We are Marbella’s most established Real Estate Agency, specialising in the sale of new and resale properties as well as commercial and investment real estate properties.

We are a highly reputable company whose experience and level of success comes from the honest, straightforward treatment of buyers and vendors alike. We provide full coverage of the residential, commercial and investment property market and realise  the importance of clear and transparent communication for an efficient and highly effective service.


We have a team of experienced professionals onboard with all the knowledge and experience required to make a significant contribution to any successful Real Estate Agency. Our 26 members of staff are made up of professionals in sales, administration and consulting.

As a team we are dedicated to ensuring the reputation we have worked so hard to build is maintained through a high quality, trusted and reliable service.  As Marbella’s most established Real Estate Agency, our team possesses all the skills and experience required to continue providing an outstanding service for every single client we work for.


As Marbella’s longest established Real Estate Agency, we have always been dedicated to providing a highly professional service that exceeds the expectations of all the buyers and sellers we’ve worked for. Our positive reputation puts us alongside some of the leading agencies in the world.

Although being founded in 1970, our legacy goes much further back to the start of the 20 th century. Panorama’s Managing Director, Christopher Clover, comes from a three generation-old family of real estate agents and entrepreneurs. We are delighted to say that the fourth generation, Christopher’s children, have also recently joined us at Panorama.


We are always delighted to hear back from the many satisfied clients in the form of testimonials. Our reputation has grown over the last 40 years and the following testimonials are an example of the work we have regularly undertaken in the past.

If you’re interested to learn about some of the experiences our clients have had with us as Marbella’smost established Real Estate Agency, we have received many positive reviews and client testimonials that reflect the successes we’ve had with clients in the past, including both buyers and sellers.

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