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Property Valuations

An essential part of our business in offering properties for sale is to meet with an owner, inspect his property and give him a very good idea, based on our long experience and extensive market knowledge, as to the real value of his property in the current market, as well as our consensus with respect to establishing a sensible asking price. Asking too much for a property means there is a real risk of not reaching the market place in the first instance. Asking too little may mean that the property gets sold for less than what it is actually worth. The critical first point in a sales strategy is getting the asking price right: please see further information in our article for sellers by clicking on: The Property Seller’s Guide

Having a good grasp of the local property market and being able to determine what, using our experience, a property should be priced at and what it might sell for, is an essential part of our business and Panorama, as well as most agencies, performs this service free of charge.

Notwithstanding, there are many clients who would like a formal, in-depth valuation to be performed either for bank purposes, estate purposes, or any one of a number of other reasons where a document with legal weight or rigorous technicality is required.

We are pleased to announce that the architect, José Juan Rodríguez Castro, has joined Panorama’s team as a very experienced, fully qualified and accredited property valuer.

All of José Juan’s valuations prepared for Panorama clients are reviewed by Panorama’s senior sales and listing staff, headed by Christopher Clover, and their input is an essential additional part to José Juan’s eventually determined property valuation.

The cost of these services is available upon request. Please contact us for further information on info@panorama.es.

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